My Fly Friend is Back.

It is hanging out in my bedroom with me today.

I thought it might have found it’s way out at some point after buzzing around my room last night.

I seems it decided to have a sleepover.

As I was falling asleep around  4:30 AM I saw it walking around on the window, silhouetted against the early blue light of the morning sky.

It landed on my leg and stayed there for a good 5 minutes or so while I was trying to decide if I should head out to the talks at IEAS tonight or stay in to get my presentation done as well as my homework assignment for Jean-Marie’s workshop tomorrow.

A few moments ago, it was walking across my journal – over the section where I wrote out the possible schedule if I decided to go.

Now it is walking across my chest and hanging out on my breast.

I don’t believe it is the same fly as yesterday, as it seems much smaller than the one who was soaked after swishing around in my mouth and was nearly swallowed. Although, perhaps it would seem larger if it was all wet. No, not possible.

It is definitely not the same fly. But it certainly is content to be hanging out on me today.

Why are flies getting so intimate with me?

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