MCP506 Final Paper

A PDF version of my final MCP506 Project Report is available for download here. FINAL M506 PAPER WITH BIBLIOGRAPHY - GSENZA compressed I would be thrilled to hear any feedback you have. Blessings!

Irony & Idealism

Dahlem seeks the reasons why the attitudes of scientists, who should set and enter a hypothesis in order to research something unknown―or something “higher”―seem religious.1 Scientists’ work is similar to artists’ work―it is intended to visualize and conceptualize something invisible or intangible. Kim Yoonseo(Curator, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art)Article posted on online here. Irony & … Continue reading Irony & Idealism

Women Making the Invisible Visible in the USA

This is our full list as of 30 March 2021.Please see questions below and feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.Thank you! Abby Wambach (1980-Present)Adrian Piper (1948-Present)Adrienne Lenker (1991-Present)Adrienne Maree Brown (1978-Present)Aesha Ash (1977-Present)Alejandra PizarnikAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez (1989-Present):Alexis Pauline Gumbs (1982-Present)Amanda Gorman (1998-Present)Amy Goodman (1957-Present)Angela Davis (January 26, 1944-Present). Anita Hill (1956-Present)Aretha Franklin (1942-2018)Arudhati Roy … Continue reading Women Making the Invisible Visible in the USA

READING JOURNAL / WORKSHOP NOTES: The Translocal Neighbourhood with Michael Bowdidge

Reading: Katherine Brickell and Ayona Datta(2011) Translocal Geographies – Spaces, Places, Connections . . . \chapter 1 - introduction : translocal geographies real and imagined             boundaries and territories translocality              as mode of human agency and mobility                              across nations, regions, cities, neighbourhoods,                                               buildings and bodies . . . \chapter 5 - translocal … Continue reading READING JOURNAL / WORKSHOP NOTES: The Translocal Neighbourhood with Michael Bowdidge

READING JOURNAL / WORKSHOP NOTES: The Unambitious Stripper with Isabel Lewis

Male / Female Gaze Outward / Inward Gaze Object / Subject Patriarchy / Equality I'm pretty hyped to be looking forward to a workshop with Isabel Lewis. Her work resonates a great deal with my own practice, as it is about creating immersive occasions where the artist/performer is not on a stage but actually sharing … Continue reading READING JOURNAL / WORKSHOP NOTES: The Unambitious Stripper with Isabel Lewis

How to Disappear

Originally published on CityLab. Found today on Pocket. How to Disappear Jessica Leigh Hester 10-13 minutes It can be hard to evade the sight of wall-mounted cameras--but other smart cities technologies are almost undetectable. Photo by Jorge Silva/Reuters. Even in the middle of major city, it’s possible to go off the grid. In 2016, the … Continue reading How to Disappear

Process Notes on Creating Performative / Exhibition Experiences

My process for both performance and exhibition is always about responding to the space-time opportunities that present themselves. For this reason, I often have only inklings of what I’d like to present and how it might go - rather than a clear concrete design. Typically, any plan that I come up with in advance is … Continue reading Process Notes on Creating Performative / Exhibition Experiences

Invisible Made Audible: Percussion

From YouTube: On the morning of 15th April, Paul Sonderegger stepped off the Chicago red-eye to meet Dame Evelyn Glennie at her home recording studio. Glennie, a Grammy award-winning percussionist and Sonderegger, a tech celebrity, were there to discuss "Big Data" and its surprising symmetries with the sonic world we inhabit, and yet ignore. … Continue reading Invisible Made Audible: Percussion

Living Laboratory

From the Living Laboratory - Museum of Science, Boston When do children understand that “invisible things” can affect objects? Topic: Cognitive Development Location: Discovery Center Preschoolers understand that some objects have internal properties that produce predictable and observable effects on other objects. Yet, in their everyday lives, children also hear about things they cannot … Continue reading Living Laboratory

Social Belonging

When we open up to another person and are recognized for who we are, we feel seen. The basic human need for social connection is why the invisibility prank is especially cruel. There’s nothing more terrifying than not mattering—disappearing—to the people around us. From Character Lab's CEO and Co-Founder, Angela Duckworth's article: Would You … Continue reading Social Belonging

Read, Reflect, Experiment

Experiment: The third and final bucket is rapid experimentation. Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison became leading inventors and thinkers because of their experiments. We have Gmail because Google allowed employees to experiment with new ideas. The reason experiments are so useful is because you have facts, not assumptions. Experiments show you what’s working. You can learn from your mistakes and … Continue reading Read, Reflect, Experiment

INVISIBILITY LAB to Host Open Engagement 2018 – Dinner Conversation

Invisible Sustenance May 12, 2018 7:00  -  8:30 Invisibility Lab In a fast-paced, interconnected world where people rarely have time for nurturing themselves or their relationships, the Invisibility Lab asks: What keeps you going? What sustains you through difficult times? What do you rely on for sustenance? Are these things measurable? Are they visible? And … Continue reading INVISIBILITY LAB to Host Open Engagement 2018 – Dinner Conversation

Invisible Capital

Here's a peak at a paper by Gretchen Sneegas on GradFoodStudies website: “Sustenance Out of Refuse”: Detroit, Invisible Capital & the Search for Food Justice Gretchen Sneegas abstract | In recent years, Detroit has been largely portrayed by mass media as a site of desolation and desertion. The city’s citizens, however, have another story to tell. … Continue reading Invisible Capital

Graph Commons & Burak Arikan

Making data graphs accessible -  Amazing stuff! From Artists in Laboratories Radio Series: "...beautiful but also politically-revealing data mapping with Burak Arikan, a New York and Istanbul based artist working with complex networks. Burak runs social, economic, and political issues through an abstract machinery, which generates network maps and algorithmic interfaces and draws up predictions … Continue reading Graph Commons & Burak Arikan


I've been thinking about invisible things a lot today... as well as this idea I have had floating around in my head for quite some time now - that people who are blind are, I suspect, actually able to see better than those of us with sight... Their heightened awareness and increased powers in their … Continue reading Branah

The Fox’s Secret

At last! I found a translator's breakdown of one of the most profound truths as expressed by the Fox in Saint-Exupery's, The Little Prince. Many thanks to the site for posting what is, for me, a very satisfying breakdown of the many different translations into English of that beautiful nugget of truth in The … Continue reading The Fox’s Secret

White Washing as Erasure – Titus Kaphar

Vice interview with one of my favorite artists, Titus Kaphar who's work addresses the invisible stories left out of history & art... Artist ​Titus Kaphar on His New Solo Show and Unarmed Black Men in America "I feel very strongly that most of the history that we have been taught is at best incomplete, … Continue reading White Washing as Erasure – Titus Kaphar

Flowers of Democracy: Women in the Ukraine and other places of conflict…

"During the last 2 years the situation in my country, as in many other countries in conflict, has become more and more patriarchal. The position of women, especially in war areas, is so difficult. Ideas that the place of women is just in the kitchen, to take care of their men and give birth, are … Continue reading Flowers of Democracy: Women in the Ukraine and other places of conflict…