Process Notes on Creating Performative / Exhibition Experiences

My process for both performance and exhibition is always about responding to the space-time opportunities that present themselves. For this reason, I often have only inklings of what I’d like to present and how it might go – rather than a clear concrete design.

Typically, any plan that I come up with in advance is guided by the overall intention I have for a piece / experience, but is ultimately shaped by spontaneous impulses and intuition as I’m going along.

This is what happened recently, in Mexico City for example, when I unexpectedly started off a presentation with a glass apothecary jar that I had sitting on the table – opening it, listening to it, closing it, then passing it around the room asking each audience member to whisper the name of an invisible thing into the bottle.  I had no idea that I was going to start the presentation that way.

Once I step into the performative state, it seems I enter a new fluid space where anything can happen. I suppose you could say I improvise, although I don’t think of it as improvisation. It’s rather a dynamic flow space that inspires me to dance within the moment.


. . . . . . .

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