Workshop Notes – Performing the Archive

On Kawara –

Marking the experience of life and time.

Lejeune writes extensively on diaries – proof of life

Linda Montano &

Jamie McMurray – 365 Performances

Joshua Sofaer – Perform Everyday (what>, 2008) – includes objects & instructions – book is over $80 on Amazon (rare)

Thanasis Chondros & Alexandra Katsiani – Greek couple who have performed together over 25 years – and everyone in Greece has seen their work. Not doing it anymore though…


Ethics of Art – of trying to represent the experience of someone else – it’s authenticity? – the authorship?

** Think about: Recording the audience member’s experience of an event/performance/etc.

Presentation Assignment – Perform the Presentation – Who is presenting? The Collector or someone who has found this collection? ### Present as the collector or as someone who has found the collection…




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