READING DIARY: Artistic Research in the Era of Globalization (Butt)

The 3 readings on Thomas Hirschhorn’s Gramsci Monument at Forest Houses in the Bronx, NY introduce us to a broad range of perspectives on the work. First, Hirschhorn’s short essays on the origin of the monument as part of the 4 in the series, offer also his theory behind Unshared Authorship and the “presence and production” guideline he uses for his monuments, specifically this one, where the interaction and participation by others are integral to the successful realization of his piece – even if not required by the artist.

I found  Hirschhorn’s writings to be enlightening and helpful in understanding the ideas behind the piece. His schema on shared and unshared authorship opened up new ideas for me too. While I’ve never thought of my own work in these terms, it helps me to consider other ways of looking at – and demanding more of – my own socially-engaged art projects – especially in terms of creating an equal experience and sense of agency around a project/work of art that sits within a public space and a community.

What I get from Fred Moten’s the gramsci monument poem is a sense of the roller coaster like fluctuations in how Moten personally experienced the Gramsci Monument that somewhat reflects how the project was seen and experienced in the community, including Moten’s sense of it “feeling good” to be there. For me, it’s not surprising that it (the monument, and a sensitive open person’s experience) would have so many ups and downs given the form it took.

I appreciate José Esteban Muñoz’s text on Moten’s poem about the Gramsci Monument and how it breaks down the need to deconstruct, rescue each other from, rebuild and learn to make our own projects – those that are institutionalized or otherwise.

I get a sense that that is also Danny Butt’s intention as applied to education – which is why I am excited to take this workshop.



. . . . . . .  POSTED 15.07.17 . . . . . . .

Dear Danny (et al)

I am sorry I do not have my reading diary ready for you yet.

A major flood happened in my studio a few days ago and I am overwhelmed trying to do everything I can to manage this disaster and get my place back in order before leaving for Berlin next week.

I promise I am reading the texts and am very excited to be in your workshop!

See you soon!




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Artistic Research in the Era of Globalization” workshop with Danny Butt

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