Flowers of Democracy: Women in the Ukraine and other places of conflict…

“During the last 2 years the situation in my country, as in many other countries in conflict, has become more and more patriarchal. The position of women, especially in war areas, is so difficult. Ideas that the place of women is just in the kitchen, to take care of their men and give birth, are becoming more widespread. At the same time, our women are very active in the “backstage” of war – all volunteer movements in Ukraine are held up on the shoulders of women. Our economy has still not fallen because our women really take care of the army, whilst at the same time, they work to provide money for their families and take care of their children without any social help from the state. Women are more and more becoming 2nd class citizens in our society. Invisible and transparent, they do the work and create the glue that holds society together. Their work is not recognized. It’s beautiful, powerful and strong, they are the flowers of democracy.”

Interview with Ukrainian artist, Maria Kulikovska on the Art blog.

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