SlussenProject, Archiving the ephemeral

SlussenProject aimed at building an extensive audio database of stories, memories and field recordings characterizing the Slussen area in Stockholm and in particular its unknown and invisible dimensions. The realization of the project has been maintained over six months between December 2012 and May 2013, when the process of demolishing was planned to begin.The collection of sounds is manifested through a multitude of means such as interviews, field recording and on-site interventions. The final outcome – a methodologically developed sound archive – will be eventually brought back into the new layout in an unobtrusive m anner such as in-situ placement of QR (quick response) codes, mobile and locative technology.

Sound installation based on eight selected soundscapes from Slussen/Stockholm was presented in October 2013 at the Medborgarplatsen Library in Stockholm.Exhibition in collaboration with Polska Institutet, Intercult and Medborgarplatsen Biblioteket. Photos by Polska Institutet. Read more about the project under SlussenProject, Archiving the ephemeral

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