Museum of Forgotten Things (in WRJ)

(AKA) Main Street Museum

How is it I never knew about this place???

Curiosities Collection ~ Live Event Venue ~ Community Space

White River Junction Tourism: 7 Things to Do in White River Junction ...

The Main Street Museum is a small, public collection of curiosities and artifacts, each one of which is significant and each one of which tells some kind of story about human beings and the complex—sometimes baffling—universe we are a part of.

Through the study of an accumulation of small details, the aim of the Museum is to cultivate among both specialists, and among the general public, a sense of wonder at the big questions that arise when we study and categorize objects and our reactions to them. We believe that our relationships with objects are more complex than usually acknowledged; indeed sometimes far more complex.

We are an ongoing, alternative experiment in material culture studies.  The Main Street Museum is a non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation.

Main Street Museum is located in downtown White River Junction at 58 Bridge Street, opposite Railroad Row, near the underpass.  Parking is conveniently located adjacent to the rear of the Museum building on the White-riverside.

May It Please You! 

25 Years The Main Street Museum
December 1992 – December 2017

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